Air dehumidifier

Hydraulic and lubricating oils must be kept free from contamination and water.

Most fluid reservoirs must be able to breathe, thus allowing water vapour and solid contaminants to enter. Temperature fluctuations in the reservoir will cause this water vapour to condense which will not only cause oxidation of the oil but also lead to considerable mechanical damage.

Standard air breathers remove some of the solid particles but allow water vapour in the air to pass freely. The micfil air conditioner deals effectively with both so reservoirs can breathe clean, dry air.


The air is first dried by a single pass through a column packed with non toxic ZR gel granules. The dried air is then passed through a pleated synthetic fibre filter element (replaceable spin-on type) where solid particles are removed, so that the air reaching the reservoir is both clean and dry.


  • Reducing water and particle contamination levels
  • Prolongs the life of the additive package
  • Reduces oxidation of the oil and bearing surfaces
  • Eliminates rust due to condensation
  • Reduces machine downtime
  • Extends the life time of machines and systems
  • Reduces maintenance and repair cost

Indicator function of the granulate balls:

The color of ZR gel granules is the indicator of the filter’s state.