Mobile tank cleaning system

Individual systems available on request.

The micfil mobile tank cleaning system is assembled from individual high quality components.

All connectors and hoses are common standard hydraulic components. The system is mounted on a mobile trolley with integrated drip tray. The micfil mobile unit filters diesel and light hydraulic oil down to approx. 0.5 μm.

The system removes water, mud, particles, bacteria and all types of sediment. The system is easy to maintain, to operate and an affordable solution for mobile tank cleaning.


  • The mobile micfil filter system removes of water, mud, bacteria and particles/sediments down to approx. 0.5 μm from diesel and light hydraulic oil.
  • Water and contaminants down to 10 μm can be drained easily with the drain valve. The water separator can be used separately.
  • The diesel fuel is about 98 % free of particles, bacteria and to 99.8 % free of water.