AL/ST 100

Ultra Fine Filter – ideal for all types of small trucks, construction machinery, generators and boats.

The micfil Ultra Fine Filter cleans all types of oil and diesel down to 0.5 μ and blocks water from passing through the filter.
The micfil AL 100 is built with high quality industrial components. The connections and pipes are hydraulic standard parts.
The micfil AL 100 is built to polish, recondition and stabilize all oil types and diesel fuels to a super clean, clear and bright condition. The filter efficiently removes water as well as sludge and any kind of sediments.
The filter is easy to maintain and operate and a low-cost solution for oil and fuel cleaning.


  • filtration up to 0.5 µm
  • Moisture absorbent
  • high flow rate
  • Long filter life
  • Easy to change inserts
  • Space saving
  • For use in pressure and negative pressure filtration
  • Up to 10 bar pressure


  • Particle size¹ (ISO 4406)                                                                                                                                                                    ≤ 0.5 micron
    Housing material
    Aluminium Almg 4.5 (AL)
    Height – over all 230 mm
    -at lid
    -at bowl

    95 mm
    80.8 mm
    WeightWeight – insert 850 g114 g
    Volume 0,8 ltr
    Inlet/ Outlet connections 1/4″ id
    Max. pressure * -0,5   10 bar
    Temperature range (°C) -20 / 100 C
    Flow rate:
    -Diesel (l/h)

    Diff. pressure in fuel flow diesel (bar)Flow rate – fuel ² (Diesel)

    Flow rate – fuel ² (benzine)

    0,00 – 0,02 at full flowFlow rate 80 ltr./h
    20 ltr consumption

    Flow rate 120 ltr./h
    30 ltr consumption

    Tank capacity:
    -Engine oil ²
    -Hydraulic oil ² (ISO VG 46)-Gearbox oil ²
    up to 25 ltr
    up to 60 ltr

    up to 15 ltr

    Insert change interval (h)
    -Engine oil
    -Hydraulic oil
    -Gearbox oil
    -Bio diesel

    100-150 hours approx. 30,000 km
    100-150 hours approx. 30,000 km
    300 hours
    300 hours
    100 hours
    Water absorbend Yes
    ¹ The patented micfil ultra fine filter insert consists of a tear-resistant fiber mesh with woven in cellulose fibers of the highest quality. The
    filtration performance is down to 0.5μm (microns). The micfil ultra fine filter inserts possess a very high contamination absorption capacity,
    long life span, lower differential pressure and it is water absorbent.
    ² Two or more filters can be installed in line for increased flow rate/tank capacity
    * Filters for 20 bar upon request

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