Water separators

Contaminated fuel can be incredibly harmful to diesel engines, especially those equipped with the latest generation of high-pressure injection systems. Water is particularly worrying as it leads to serious performance and reliability problems.

The micfil water separator (WS) removes free water and solid particles from even the dirtiest, most polluted fuel.

The key benefits for your engine:

  • Avoidance of fuel and water-related failures
  • Removal of solid/semi-firm impurities such as dirt, rust and sludge.
  • Extension of engine overhaul time and service life
  • Compliance with emission standards


WS 800 – WS 1000 – WS 1500 – WS 4000

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Water separator WS 800

WS 800/1000

Water separator WS 1500

WS 1500/4000

ModelWS 800WS 1000WS 1500WS 4000
Flow rate (l/min)571503401.500
Inlet /
Outlet connections
1″1″1″ 1/21 1/2″
Breathing valve1″ Drain valve2″ Drain valve2″ Drain valve2″ Drain valve
Drain valve1″1″1 1/2″1 1/2″
Diameter (mm)128204204406
Length (mm)40558011152050
Weight (kg)

Further equipment

Water sensor

micfil WS systems can be supplemented with a water sensor.

Further information can be found here.

Automatic purge system

An automatic dewatering system is available for micfil water separators.

Further information can be found here.

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