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Hi Alex.

This is a sample of fuel quality 1 from the client, Pertamina refinery, 2 after the RCI and number 3 wow!!


PT.FTS Indonesia
RCI Technologies Fuel Purifiers


herewith quotes Leo Verburg, one of our most loyal customers.  MS Aqua Msra

I have also added a link to his website.

Gas oil:

I have read in several articles that biofuel can harm my engine. This is a risk I do not want to and cannot take. It is therefore a good thing that I have been a satisfied user of Micfil filters in my gas oil system for years, so now I know for sure that I can always continue to sail.

Lubricating oil:

Since I have been using Micfil filters for my lubricant, the oil analyses show that I can do much longer with my lubricant, so we have been able to extend the useful life considerably.  I now have no unnecessary oil changes and save a lot of time, money and above all environmental impact. The investment has paid for itself in less than a year.