Micfil Ultra fine filter for Turbine-/Compressor-/Hydraulic oil

Absolutely clean oil – for a smooth operation of your systems.

90% of faults in turbine/compressor/hydraulic systems are due to contaminated oil.

Hydraulic oil maintenance is often neglected. Regular oil maintenance is one of the decisive factors for trouble-free operation.

The components in modern turbine/compressor/hydraulic systems move on an oil film of less than 10 µm. This small oil film guarantees smooth operation of the systems, but requires absolutely clean oil. In practice, many hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems are highly contaminated, which is not always visible. The visibility limit for the human eye is approx. 40 µm.

The micfil ultra fine filter used in the return flow with a filter performance of up to 0.5 µm ensures continuous cleaning of the hydraulic oil and absorption of water. It reduces component wear on valves, cylinders and pistons and reduces the risk of malfunctions.