Part A ( MFCS 3000)  Mobile Fuel cleaning system contains out of

heavy duty stainless steel mobile frame with stainless steel drip tray,

BG 1000 bag filter 10 micron, 1x tow way priming pump for Bag filter-1 x heavy-duty 24/7 suggestion pump 3000 ltr/hr, ON /OFF switch + stainless steel WS 1000,1” bypass, connection hoses and pips with 1 ” fittings, Quad AL 600 filter system, Particle counter, Flowmeter, Pressure gauges analyses valve,2 x 5 m 1 ” hoses, Drip-less hose connections, Power cable 5 m.

Part B (MTCS 6000) Mobile tank cleaning system MFCS 6000 /10

contains out of a heavy-duty stainless steel frame with stainless steel drip tray. 1 x heavy duty 24 /7 6000Ltr/hr pump with 10 bar flow pressure power, ON /OFF switch, 1 x 5 m 1”hose with dripless 1 “ hose fittings, 1x 10 m hose with dripless fitting to connect to pump, and 1 x 1” Camlock fitting to connect hose to 2 m 1” stainless steel lance, connected to the heavy-duty ATEX D 50 360 degrees Cleaning Jet powered trough the 10 Bar 6000 ltr pump.

D 50 360 degrees Cleaning Jet

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