Reference Micfil-Filter: no oil change for 10 years! MS Breydal

micfil ultra fine filters for engine oil

Dear Alex,

It’s time for a bottle of champagne, because we have reason to celebrate!

On 02.09.2009 we installed your filter system of the company Micfil Ultra Filter at our ABC engine for oil.

At this time the engine had already run 15880 hours.

With meanwhile 40500 engine hours we only change the Micfil filter insert every 800 hours but our 900l of oil are no longer changed.

For our 10 years of operation since the installation, the inside of the engine is absolutely clean and carbon coating is no longer present.

Since the sulphur content in the diesel was already reduced years ago, e.g. all slow runners got problems with carbon coating in the engine. From the pistons up to the first segments of the spring and valve seats it could have possible bad consequences: in the worst case a total failure of the engine.

During the last years, as in the years before, our ABC engine was serviced exclusively by the manufacturer, the ABC Maschinenfabrik in Gent.

Since the installation of the filter systems there have been no wear problems with the engine.

With the filter of the company micfil I have with my tested ABC engine not only a green engine from the outside (due to the green painting), but particularly also a green engine from the inside, as I considerably reduce my carbon footprint by not having to change the oil.

The oil consumption of the machine is normal and as always we top up about 20l oil per Danube trip.

I can only recommend everyone to install a micfil filter system on their machines for oil and diesel.

A few years ago I also installed micfil filters for my gearbox and for my hydraulic control system and I am equally satisfied.

Best regards,

Kpt. Jean-Marie Deroo