Micfil Ultrafine filters for engines and gear

Better lubrication and less wear – without oil change.

Micfil ultrafine filter AL300
  • Removes solid impurities up to 0.5 um
  • Up to 20 times higher filter performance than standard filters
  • Significant improvement in lubrication
  • Longer service life due to less wear and tear
  • Better engine performance due to less friction
  • Elimination of conventional oil changes
  • Additives - Additives, are not filtered out and through ultra-fine filtration there is less consumption
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Active environmental protection through lower oil consumption and elimination of waste oil disposal
  • Does not limit the warranty of the engine manufacturer
  • Elimination of approx. 98 % of all bacteria
  • Removal of water from oils and fuels